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Lessons I Have Learned from 5 Months of Budget Travelling

Have you tried traveling solo this time around? Let me share with you my experience traveling for the past 5 months and what are the amazing happenings that I have encountered along the way. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked to spend it with anyone better than my loved ones. I consider them as my perfect travel companion and they complete my traveling experiences for sure.

I am pretty sure that we have experienced, seen and learned a lot over the past 5 months of traveling. In honor of the best traveling experiences we have made, I would like to post some of the lessons that we have learned when it comes to budget traveling and getting comfortable along the way and how to enjoy every moment of the travel from start till the end of it. Let me give some of the lessons today.

Lesson Number 1 – Embrace every change of plans and re-direction that you will encounter along the way.

Just always remember that they often lead to great and unexpected experiences in which you will never forget just like we have experienced during the first days of our travel. When it comes to travel, too much planning is pointless based on our experiences. However, we sometimes find ourselves feeling guilty for not sticking to the original plan so we need to remind ourselves occasionally that few things in life can be planned so far in advance. You never know what opportunities may arise and completely change all of your original plans. Despite it, you need to learn to accept that you may not even know where you will be next week or perhaps in the next few months just like us.

Lesson Number 2 – Always remember, foods in different place are expensive, very, very expensive.
Honestly speaking, when we are traveling, it is our biggest expense so far that even up to this moment; I couldn’t believe we have survived those kinds of expenses along the way. People say travel is expensive but the real deal is that people tend to overlook the cost of food as the biggest expense in their lives because it is spent in constant, small amounts throughout the day. That is why in our next traveling venture, we will make sure we will stick to our food budget no matter what.

Lesson Number 3 – Never and I really mean never book your accommodation or anything in advance or in online unless you are going to attend a big event or so.

It almost cost us much of our time and gives us disappointment and hassle. You need to keep in mind that you should arrive in the place or when you arrive in the certain place, you can ask the locals and don’t forget to bargain just like the usual thing you do in your own place. It is the biggest lesson that we have to take with us after 5 months of traveling.

Lesson Number 4 – Take out as much stuff as possible before leaving and then do it again within a few weeks of being on the road.

Your back will thank you and re-packing will become so much easier when you’re not trying to squeeze so much stuff you never use into one bag. It is important that you only bring the most important things and keep in mind that it is always good when you travel light to avoid any other circumstances along the way.

So here they are. I hope you have enjoyed reading the lessons above. Those are some of the important lessons that we have definitely experienced and learned during our travel. If you have got any questions or tips you would like to add, you can reach us in the comments below!

The Best of Magaluf

I am here in Magaluf for a while and it really is so pretty out here. But fret not for Europe is still the best place and I will still be continuing to write all about travelling to Europe and some tips for travelling. Anyway, for now, I will be writing about my experiences here in Magaluf.


Magaluf is an awesome place to be. Well, I already told you about that. But know why? Well, basically because of the wonderful things.


The best things?



Magaluf boasts long, golden sandy beaches and cool blue waves rolling in from the Balearics. Bathe in the sun by day and watch as the resort comes alive at night.



As a Mallorca Rocks Holidays guest, you will get discounted prices on drinks and added extras at a variety of bars.



What to do?

  • Mallorca Live is a massive festival stretching over the summer, held at BCM nightclub. Catch Calvin Harris as the resident DJ, as well as performances from Jessie J and Tulisa, amongst others. Of course, there’s also the neighbouring Mallorca Rocks festival, which includes Ed Sheeran, Chase & Status and Bloc Party.
  • Cool off in one of the many water parks nearby. The Aquapark is fun for kids whilst the Western Water Park will tempt thrill seekers with its many slides. Back on dry land, test your skills at Karting Magaluf, which is open for wannabe racers until midnight in the summer.
  • Palma Nova is right next to the resort and is a must-see for holidaymakers. In fact, many people don’t know where Magaluf ends and Palma Nova begins! You’ll find loads more entertainment here, including the legendary Pacha club and the popular Golf Fantasia.



  • The House of Katmandu is perfect for a fun day out with an educational twist. This attraction is an upside-down house that is full of games, puzzles and things to see, including a 4D cinema. There’s also a special crazy golf experience that will get you and your friends competing against each other!
  • Visit the weekly craft market on Saturday mornings for a large range of local goods that you could bring home as souvenirs.
  • Dolphin watching trips can be taken from most of the beaches in the area, as well as those in Palma Nova. Children and adults will love getting up close to these amazing animals.



  • The biggest area for nightlife is around Carrer de Punta Ballena, which is full of bars and clubs, as well as pubs that are perfect for the morning after. Popular places to go include Bananas and Boomerang.
  • If you like your night spots with a theme then you won’t be disappointed. The Baywatch Bar and the Eastenders Bar are just some of the sights to tick off your list. For a theme night, Come Fly With Me and Pirates Adventure Uncut are two evening shows that tourists love.
  • Despite the great nightlife, make sure you don’t miss out on daytime activities on your holiday; get the most out of Majorca’s great weather by heading to Palma City for a day trip, exploring other beaches in the Calvia district, or checking out the Caves of Genova.


I really can’t get enough of Magaluf! Can you?


Do visit Magaluf on your next trip!

Live a Life of Travel

How many times have you seen a photo of someone travelling around the world, with only a backpack to call home, and a wide grin that says freedom rocks and you need to get some?


I bet you want some of it too right?


Most people do. Except, most people place the idea of them doing it in the too hard basket, or the basket that is only there for the really wealthy or lucky.


I mean really, how could it be possible for someone with average, or less than average incomes, to travel for weeks, months or even years at a time?


It can be done.


I am often asked how to live a life of travel; it’s not surprising people are curious. You’ll be shocked to know that I am not wealthy. I am actually far from it.


A life of constant travel is not as difficult as you may think. There are many clever strategies you can employ to travel around the world for low cost and sometimes even free.


I have created a lifestyle of travel. It’s what I do every day, even when I am not travelling. When I am ‘settled” (not sure how to define that) I still have my travel attitude on, which is a major part of what travel is.


But to get to the nitty gritty, here are my biggest secrets to help you live a life of travel.



What? You mean I have to work?


Ain’t nothing going to come to you unless you work hard for it. If I have disappointed you, I’m sorry, you are probably reading the wrong post and I am hoping I was going to say we were rich, because then you’d have a good excuse to not follow your heart.


We all have to work and we need money to travel. Why not work and travel at the same time?


Here’s why I love it:

  • You don’t have to save as much initially.
  • You’ll be earning local currency.
  • Every day is exciting as it is new.
  • You experience a culture deeply.
  • Weekends and days off become adventures.
  • You may get perks such as free accommodation, meals or flights.


The best way to do this is to live and work in expensive countries. Better to spend the local currency and save your own money for other adventures. I never could have travelled the world with local money.



Choose the countries that are cheap to travel to for the long-term. Travel in cheaper countries means you can do more and travel for longer.



It’s all about how you choose to spend. Is that luxury 5 star accommodation really worth it, especially if you are out exploring from sunrise to twinkling stars? Can you go the comfy 3 star and have a little extra cash for the fun stuff?


Do you need to eat in a restaurant for three meals a day or can you cook your own breakfast and settle for a picnic lunch?


What about that city tour, couldn’t you do a self-guided one?



Is it constant travel from one country to the next you yearn for? Or is it a slower form, with frequent pauses for a sampling of the “settled” life before travel calls you back on the road?


Or do you want to just have more travel, even if it is only an extra 2-3 weeks a year?


That life of travel you desire can be yours.



Euro Travelling: Bus Tours  

Once you’re on the ground in Europe, the real fun begins…but it pays to have a thoughtful plan.

For many people, a bus tour in Europe is the best way to scratch their travel itch. Having someone else do the driving, arrange the hotels, and make the decisions takes the stress and work out of travel. If you have limited time, or you want to travel comfortably, tours can be a good option and if you’ve got an excellent guide, it can be a great one. The best guides bring Roman life alive in Pompeii or help you recall recent history in Berlin.


Bus tours are also an efficient way to see Europe. A typical tour includes a professional, multilingual guide, a comfy bus, decent hotels with mass-produced comfort, and some meals. The cheapest tours can cost less than $150 a day, making this an economical option, too.


I learned a lot about what tour members can do to make the most of their time and money on tour. Of course, once you’re on board with a bus tour, you’ll be part of a group dynamic but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any control over your trip.


Here are some suggestions to help make sure the good times roll for you while you’re on the road:


A good guidebook and map are your keys to travel freedom.

Bad tour guides call the dreaded tourist with a guidebook an “informed passenger.” But a guidebook is your key to travel freedom. Get maps and tourist information from your or another hotel desk or a tourist information office. If your accommodations are located outside the city centre, ask your hotelier how to catch public transportation downtown. Taxis can be affordable if you split the cost with other tour members.


Remember that it’s your trip.

Don’t let bus tour priorities keep you from what you’ve travelled all the way to Europe to see. If your Amsterdam guide schedules a trip to the diamond-polishing place instead of the Van Gogh Museum, feel free to skip out. Your guide may warn you that you’ll get lost and the bus won’t wait. Keep your independence and keep your hotel address in your money belt.


Keep your guide happy.

Leading a tour is a demanding job with lots of responsibility, paperwork, babysitting, and miserable hours. Very often, guides are tired. They’re away from home and family, often for months on end, and are surrounded by foreigners having an extended party that they’re not always in the mood for. Most guides treasure their time alone and keep their distance from the group socially. Each tourist has personal demands, and a big group can amount to one big pain in the bus for the guide.


The best advice?

Seek out your own experiences and connect with people.

The locals most tour groups encounter are hardened businesspeople who put up with tourists because they have to. It’s their livelihood. And the most important one? Have fun! That’s what travels are for right?


Why I Love Travelling

I travel because it makes me happy. I simply love to discover new places and try to enjoy the local specialties. This way I get to learn new things in life and gain a lot of knowledge.

Many times, you come across people or cities that you find strange. But that is what makes travel fun. I always carry my camera whenever I’m traveling because it helps me to get some great memories back home. I wonder why some people avoid clicking pictures or simply say that they forgot to click one. It is in fact a great way to share your experiences with others.


I wish to travel the entire world in my lifetime. If I could only do it in an instant, I would. Every places, every city of every country, I wish to be able to go and experience a new world.


Not only have I had the chance to travel around a few countries but I’m lucky enough to be living a traveller’s life. It may seem difficult and hard to pull off but I truly love it. I learned a thing or two about myself including why I love to travel and explore.


Exploring the Natural Beauty

While I’m not one to pass up hanging out by the pool all day, I love exploring the natural beauty of a new place.


Trying New Food. I definitely love food. I am willing to try almost any new food. And also, I think that the best way to learn about a country is to eat your way through!


Goodbye car!

Living without a car can be one of the most challenging, frustrating, and liberating aspects of being in a new place. Most countries have much better public transportation systems, making getting around without a car so easy. I love trying to navigate new subways systems and bus routes but I also typically do a lot of walking while traveling. And this is a good thing since I spend most of my time trying new food. Goodbye car, hello firm legs?!


Spontaneous adventures.

I’m a big planner and get anxious when I don’t know what is happening. But some of the best times I’ve had while traveling result from unplanned, spontaneous adventures.


Sharing the Experience with Friends or with a Loved One.

Traveling alone is fantastic. Although, it is truly terrifying, but still a remarkable experience. I love being able to share my travel experiences with my friends if they’re with me as well as my loved ones and creating memories of our adventures together.


Seeing the Best in People.

The world is filled with loving, caring, interesting, inspiring, wonderful people. Don’t you forget it. I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes I forget the good in people and get a little nervous when traveling to a new place. But most of the time I am greeted with love, warmth, and acceptance even when I expect the opposite.


Now it is your turn: Do you love to travel? Why?